Do you have mid-afternoon sugar cravings?

sugar cravings
Sugar is hidden in foods you would not suspect–sushi and commercial sauces and soups!

Do you have mid-afternoon sugar cravings?

How do you stop sugar cravings by reaching for sweets in the mid-afternoon? Well, we get through the BIG group of holidays, that is, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years, and I think okay, we are done with all the sweets in the house. Then, we still have to deal with Valentine’s Day and Easter. Oh, and let’s not forget all those AFTER HOLIDAY clearance markdowns at the stores. Then, here comes the end of the school year and treating our fabulous teachers. Then comes summer and the constant music from the ice cream truck driving through the neighborhood. OMG all those sugar cravings!

I read an article on WebMD called 13 Ways to fight Sugar Cravings by Wendy C. Fries. She talks about why we crave sugar as it begins early in life and the reason WHY it tastes so good…because our body reacts on a cellular level, our hormones.
Here are the 8 tips to use NOW to stop those sugar cravings.

  1. Go ahead and have a little of what you are craving.
  2. Combine your sweet with something healthy.
  3. Cut out ALL simple sugars to diminish cravings.
  4. Chew some gum, which is what I usually do.
  5. Pick out fruit for natural sweetness and grab nuts, seeds and dried fruits instead of the sugar.

    Mixed nuts to stop sugar cravings.
  6. Get moving when that craving comes calling. Even if you can’t get outside, walk the halls at the office.
  7. Choose quality over quantity…try to keep it small so you don’t come back for bigger portions.
  8. Eat regularly–about every 3-5 hours to maintain your blood sugar level.

So, now you want to STOP those cravings before they even start.

Here are 5 ways to try to stop sugar cravings

  1. Skip the artificial sweeteners because there hasn’t been any hard evidence that they help with obesity.
  2. Reward yourself and it could be big or small.
  3. Slow down and focus on your cravings and eat what you plan to and NOT when you are desperate.
  4. Get support because food does not solve any issues.
  5. Mix it up which means that you will probably need more than one tactic to tame the cravings.

If you want to read more, check out the article.

What works for you to crave YOUR sugar tooth??

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