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How it works? - Raeann Cain LMT

How it works?

So, how does manual therapy help my low back or neck pain or any other pain I have?

Neurons at work "talking" to each other and giving and receiving information.
Neurons at work “talking” to each other and giving and receiving information.

Our approach is to connect with YOUR pain through various manual therapy techniques. We interact with the nervous system so it unlocks tightness and restrictions which causes nerves and the brain to recognize pain or the threat of pain.


  • Viewed as a biopsychosocial phenomenon, not strictly biomedical.
  • Our behavior as an individual, subject to environmental stressors, plays a major role.
  • Considered as nervous system output, not an input (Melzack R 2001).
  • Nociception and pain are regarded as two separate phenomena as per the definitions of International Association for the Study of Pain.
  • Nociception is caused when special nerve endings—called nociceptors—are irritated. It is the type of pain you feel when you burn yourself, twist your ankle, or stub your toe. It is a dull or sharp aching pain, and it can be mild to severe.

Factors for PAIN to diminish long term

  • An appropriate therapeutic context.
  • Helping the client determine all the ways they live in their body that may be contributing factors.
  • Pain education, explanation and empathetic understanding.
  • Support of an appropriate kind (which leaves client with full internal feeling of control).
  • Meaningful and properly dosed homework, arrived at collaboratively.

Pain Relief Therapy