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Healthy Morning Routine

Do you have a healthy morning routine?

I read an interesting article in Lifescript-Healthy Living for Women which is an on-line newsletter. It was published on March 31, 2013 titled Rise and Shine: Top 5 Morning Exercise Benefits by Jennifer Gruenemay.

It wasn’t something new I hadn’t heard of, but reinforced what I had learned over the years myself.

Wake-Up Call #1: Time flies when your workout’s not done. That’s right, set your alarm and get up EARLY to make sure you can fit it into your day. This way, as the day winds down and you find yourself running out of daylight, you do not need to worry that you won’t miss a workout because it is already complete.

Wake-Up Call #2: Your metabolism won’t boost itself. When you add morning exercise where you actually burn calories during the actual workout, you get to enjoy EPOC-excess post-exercise oxygen consumption which means you burn extra calories even after your workout it done.

Wake-Up Call #3: It’s your choice to be a night owl or an early bird. We all have an internal clock and if given the chance, over time it will help you get up to exercise each day and eventually you will look forward to it.

Wake-Up Call #4: A.M. exercise helps you sleep better in the p.m. A study was conducted that showed overweight women who started a morning exercise routine slept better at night. Night time exercise stimulates your body which makes it more difficult to wind down at the end of the day for a restful night’s sleep.

Wake-Up Call #5: A morning workout is better than coffee. Our brain wants oxygen, not caffeine in the morning. Morning exercise has shown to increase your mental sharpness for 4 to 10 hours AFTER the workout. That is definitely more than coffee!

This article ALSO shares 5 different workout suggestions to help encourage that morning routine. Here is the link!!

But I want to know what do you think??