As a result of a low back injury 20 years ago, Raeann experienced agonizing pain! There were many different procedures, medications and much suffering, yet still there was no relief.
Finally, her neurosurgeon recommended physical and massage therapy. These worked! Today, Raeann is virtually pain-free. However, if she had known about the biopyschosocial experience of pain, her recovery may have been shorter.
In 2000, she became a licensed massage therapist. In 2001, she became a sole practitioner and continues to stay up-to-date with current pain neuroscience research by participating in continuing education to serve her clients’ needs.
Raeann’s unique experience has led her to a career where she fully understands  the importance of health, wellness and movement. From her back injury recovery, Raeann realizes that she is RIGHT where she can help others move from pain to an active and healthy lifestyle through massage therapy and now, advanced manual therapy.
Texas has been her home since 1987. She and her husband live in the north Dallas area with two children.  She practices in a private home office and access to an office in Dallas near Preston and Royal Lane.

Pain Relief Therapy