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Brain MRT pain relief

Brain Magnetic Resonance Tomography

Are you in need of alternative pain relief option instead of going to the pharmacy or medicine cabinet? Are you experiencing low back pain or shoulder pain and tired of repeated visits to physical therapy, chiropractic or massage therapy? Does the pain return or does it never leave? Unfortunately, sometimes surgery does not mean that the pain disappears. Do you know anyone that wants to avoid surgery? Do you want to KEEP your money for the insurance co-pay and money lost for time off work? Have you been given a guarantee that surgery will solve your pain?

If you have answered YES to any of these questions, we should talk. You probably just want to be done with the pain and back to your regular routines of work, school, kids and fun, right?!

We help women, men and kids with physical pain from injuries (acute/chronic/repetitive), spinal dysfunctions, respiratory/digestive issues, headache/migraines, etc., pain that appears for no apparent reason, AND those who want to stay out of the operating room and doctors’ office. Our evidenced-based practice is advanced manual therapy based on pain neuroscience education and osteopathic principles utilizing the nervous system. We use gentle, hands-on techniques so you become more comfortable in your body which allows more movement.

If you have any questions about natural pain relief therapy, please call us today!! 214-392-2801

Here’s an article about the ‘anti-enlightened movement’. Very interesting on why people reject science.

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